My Favourite Brand: Garnier.

Hello again everyone. Today I wanted to talk about a brand that I have so much time for and I feel like it should get 100% more attention than it gets now.

About a year ago I gave myself a nudge to start taking better care of my skin for one simple reason: this is going to be on my body for the rest of my life so Id better get my skates on.

I have been lucky enough to never really get break outs on my face. When i was maybe 11-13 I would get small ones on my forehead but when I would put makeup on they were hidden. I did get back-acne and if I’m honest it’s still kind of there but not as bad as it used to be. During that time of the month i do tend to get blackheads around my mouth but i have since learned my lesson when it comes to picking them!

Although Garnier is a popular brand I think that a lot of people walk past it in the store looking for something better quality based on name and price. Garnier is quite inexpensive but I love it so much.

All of my skincare is Garnier and I would really recommend it to teenagers because a)its cheap and b) it does exactly what it says on the tin.


My favourite skin care product from Garnier Softening cleansing lotion for dry skin ‘goodbye dry’ . This product has changed the mood of my skin.I use it to take off my makeup, I just pop some into my hands and rub it all over my face and take all my makeup off. I love it so much because it isn’t thick and gloopy like other cleansers I have tried. I love my skin products to be water based you could say and I especially love it when they sink in fast but you can still tell that you have put some kind of product on your skin. You feel me? Now this is the only cleanser that I have tried by the brand but in my opinion I am so happy with this I don’t ever want to move away from this cleanser i literally LOVE it so much!

I definitely paid less that 5€ for this and I have with about 2-3 months. I will have to buy a new one this month but for 5€ It is worth the price. The bottle isn’t complicated and it smells amazing!

Next is moisturizer. I have tried a few garnier moisturizers and I love them all again because they are quick to sink in but they are not thick. Currently I am using the Skin Naturals Soft Essentials 24h Hydrating Day Care cream and ugh I am addicted to it. If I don’t have makeup on I could put this on 2-3 times in a day I love it so much.

I also tried the Moisture Match Mattifying Fresh Cream and that was also amazing. I had to switch to the goodbye dry because my face started to flake and get dry around my t zone which is strange but thats stress for you it controls ya skin unfortunately! When my skin does clear up again I am certainly going back to the moisture match.

Again both of these moisturizer cost under 5€. For teenagers with skin issues I would definitely recommend trying these moisturizer because they are so amazing.

A major benefit for me with these moisturizers are that they dry in fast so you can wash and dry your face in the morning give it 5 minutes to sink in and you can start your makeup which is amazing for work/school/college when you don’t have the time to be sitting around for 10 minutes waiting until your face doesn’t feel greasy. Because they sink in so fast i think it kind of pushes us to take better care of our skin because we literally ave no excuse 1 minute in the morning to wash dry and moisturize our face in the morning? Nobody can say that we don’t have that kind of time.Like I said above.we will live in the same skin for our whole lives!


On the note of moisturizer I wanted to mention a body moisturizer. Seeing as it is summer we all want to look tan especially those of us that don’t tan so well. I have been using the Summer Body Moisturizing Lotion with apricot extract and I have been loving it. Last summer I was using the dove one but it gave me weird pimples on my shoulders so I don’t want that again this year. This garner one firstly it smells amazing but it gradually builds up your tan instead of you being orange around your wrists and ankles and I am going to use this for the entire summer and maybe even into the winter.

What I love about this is that it doesn’t feel sticky on the skin unlike other build up tans. I put this on after I get out the shower so I am going to be getting dressed so I don’t want to put on the cream and then have my pjs wipe it all off again but this is dried in and gone in about 5 minutes and you smell amazing!


My favourite hair product by Garnier is the Ultimate Blends Sleek Perfecter Oil with pure coconut oil. I have mentioned this on my blog before quite possibly in a favourites. It smells fantastic! That is my favourite favourite thing about it. I put one full pup of this into my hair. I split my hair into 2 sections and I work my way up from the ends because my hair is so fried and it makes no sense because I hardly ever use a curler or straightener on it. I use one full pump because I have long thick curly hair so it needs to be tamed. Recently I have found that I need to put it into my 3rd day hair because my hair is so freakin crazy dry.

This is kinda pricey but not so expensive. I’ve seen it range in boots from 8-10€ but the way I think of it is that I have had mine since Christmas and I have nearly made an impact on the bottle it is still basically full so it is going to last you a hella long time so you kinda get your moneys worth and more. It also says that it can be used as a heat protectant but I feel strange about putting oil on my hair and then using a hot tool, it just doesn’t really sit right with me. You can put it in wet and dry hair but I take the wetness out of my hair and pop it in from there.

I would really recommend this oil to anybody who uses hot tools on their hair quite often. The oil really nourishes the hair and I would say ‘soothes’ it from damage.

Maybe a year or two ago Garnier released their Ultimate Blends shampoos and omg not one of them smells gross. ranging from vanilla to cocoa they all draw you in. I use the conditioners a lot because they leave the smell on my hair which I love. I do also enjoy the shampoos for my second shampooing in my shower. They really leave you hair feeling soft and fresh and the shampoo itself isn’t very heavy so it won’t weigh the hair down or anything which is perfect in my opinion for people with thin hair who need all the volume that they can get.

Another hair product that I love is The Ultimate Blends Dry Shampoo with Vanilla Milk. Yet again this product smells amazing and it is a really good dry shampoo. It doesn’t feel like you have just rubbed dust into your hair it just disappears and soaks up all that oil immediately. I have used this many times and every time I put this in my hair someone says to me ‘you smell so nice’ and it is a little bit strange to be like ‘yeah its my dry shampoo’ but it really does leave you smelling fantastic throughout the day and your hair stays clean and fresh!

I think this is about 5-6€ but that is the same price as Batiste and if I’m honest I find that Batiste is a little but too powdery for me and you can kind of feel it in your hair all the time. I picked up a bottle about a month ago and I don’t think I have made a dent in the bottle because I actually avoid using it.

I never tried the Repair Creams that they have because I never really use repair creams all that much so I never picked one up

In all honesty I adore Garnier as a whole and I always reach for their products. They are a brand that I am going to continue to use. Its quality is amazing their stuff smells great and their stuff really does work.

I know that obviously people know Garneir I am not trying to ‘introduce’ a small brand but I wanted to share because I have so many products that I love that are Garnier.



More Me

Hey again guys. I am really enjoying posting twice a week and I hope you all are too! Today I wanted to share some little facts about me because as much as you guys might know what makeup I lie I do also want t0 share some more personal facts so carry on reading if you are interested!

  1. I am named after my momma dearest!
  2. As much as I care for animals, I physically and mentally cannot stand cats they are so freakin’ annoying!
  3. I have only just started watching orange is the new black..yes I am so late to the  party but I have about 20 shows that I watch religiously so I wanted to give it time to appreciate it for what everyone is saying it is worth
  4. I am a music fanatic!
  5. I am obsessed with geography and history. Not topics like geoecology (study of plants and soils) but things like volcanoes and earthquakes caves etc..I am also obsessed with history of the english monarchy and egypt and peru.
  6. Linked in with number 5. I have a deep desire to see every part of this world. When I think about the fact that right now I am not in a foreign country soaking up all that culture and history actually brings me to anger.
  7. I live in Ireland, therefore the legal drinking age is 18 and I am 18 but going out every weekend and getting drunk and being so hungover on a sSunday really doesn’t appeal to me. Now I do love going out with friends and having a good time I just don’t like to do it all of the time!
  8. I am not a fan of the Walking Dead and I am going to leave it at that
  9. I cannot handle Scary movies, the poor type I do enjoy a good thriller
  10. I have this talent where when I am watching an episode of something like Bones or Criminal Minds and someone has been murdered after 15 minutes of the show I will know who committed the crime and why. It is because I have seen so many of these shows like SVU and Criminal Minds that I just know how the story has been written. Basically I am a TV show geek.
  11. I can’t go into a library and search for hours for a good book. 1.Because I really don’t have the time and 2. I do not have the patience. The library in my town is quite small so I feel like the ladies are just staring at me waiting for me to get out.When I want to find a good read I will just search books on and I go from there.
  12. I hated school and I strongly feel like college is not for me!
  13. I am obsessed with Wimbledon
  14. For some strange reason last spring I just stopped drinking tea. I could have drank 15 cups of tea a day and now i early have one in a month
  15. I would love to be a photographer
  16. I am getting kind of stuck for facts
  17. Oh yes, I LOVE brushing my teeth!
  18. I do love me some lip balms and I probably own about 50 and I use Carmex the majority of the time!
  19. My life was completely flipped upside down last year and to be honest it still hasn’t made its way back to normal yet.
  20. I love to bake and I would love to open up a café!

I could only really think of 20 but I don’t really want to post too many all at once so I can work on a few more of these posts so I can share more about me and my personality!

2015-06-21 01.38.09

(just a lil sneaky selfie I took a few nights ago)


Coconut Oil!

Hey again guys I hope you are all doing well! I wanted to chat about Coconut Oil today because it is such a fantastic product to have both in your bathroom and kitchen cupboard. It has so many fantastic uses and it is 100% natural so in my opinion we can do no wrong by using it!

I am going to share with you 6 ways that I use coconut oil

  1. Hair. The first way I use coconut oil on my hair is as a leave in conditioner. I put a dollop in my hands and melt it down and I run it through my dry hair and I might leave it in over night or I might just leave it in for an hour It varies really but I leaves my hair soft and shiny. If you being using this right after seeing the hairdresser your split and dry ends will stay away for a lot longer than normal! B) the second way I use this on my hair is as an oil to give me some shine. If I have straightened or curled my hair I will pop a little bit of this onto my ends and my hair looks so shiny and fresh. What is really good about coconut oil for your hair is that it is completely natural with no chemicals so you know exactly what is going onto your hair and there is 0 chance of your hair falling out LOL
  2. Hands. I sometimes like to pop some coconut oil on my hands and massage into my cuticles to get rid of all that dry cracked skin. In using this every night for a week I noticed a dramatic difference in the dryness of my hands. By also using it on your hands it will strengthen your nails and will stop them from cracking or chipping which is a must for those who paint their nails!
  3. Teeth. I pop a teaspoon of coconut oil into my mouth about once a week. This is called Oil pulling apparently. I am not a fan of the taste of coconut but I am willing to look the other way if It means that I will have pearly whites! Don’t we all want to be that old lady with the beautiful smile?
  4. Makeup Remover. Instead of using a cleanser use coconut oil. Again, pop a dollop into your hands and melt it down then massage into the face to break down all the makeup and what is really nice about using coconut oil is that you dont really have to add anything extra like toners and moisturizers to your skin after because all of the natural ingredients in the oil will sooth your skin!
  5. Makeup Brush Cleaner. Instead of using a dish of water if I want a quick clean I will just take a small bit of the oil in my hand and melt it down I will then take my brush and swirl it around it my hand so the colour will come off the longer you do this for the cleaner your brush will be. I highly recommend using coconut oil for cleaning brushes because it cuts the cleaning time in half it works so well!
  6. Skin. I know a lot of vegans use this as a moisturizer because it is so natural. I personally don’t use it on my face because I find that it doesn’t dry in fast enough for my preference but I like to use it on patches of dry skin on my body or I will also put it on my elbows and ankles a few hours before I tan and I think that It does the job perfectly!
  7. Cooking. Obviously cooking oil can be used in cooking. By swapping your regular sunflower oil etc for coconut oil not only is it a trillion times healthier but It will strengthen your skin hair and nails from the inside out.

When buying coconut oil you must read the labels because there are some types that are not 100% natural. Now of course it is completely your choice what type of oil you use but if you are going to use it on your skin etc I would recommend staying as natural as possible to get all of the benefits of the oil! I like to but coconut oil in the solid form because I find that it is better on my hair. I am not a fan of using the liquid form because as I said I really dont like the taste of coconut so when I put it in my mouth I like the taste to be as tame as possible!

In my opinion I think that coconut oil is such an amazing product to have lying around the house for so many reasons and because it is 100% natural you cannot go wrong with it!


Recent Faves!

Hi there er’body. It has been so long since I last did a blog post with actual content so I decided to return with my recent favorites. I have been experimenting a lot with different make up items that I had in my collection and I have discovered some really nice things!

I started to re use my Collection Lasting Perfection 16h foundation again. Now i used to use this on nights out where I wanted my makeup to last longer and stay looking fresh and for a while I put this on like any other foundation but since I started to experiment that little bit more I figured that this works best with a stippling type foundation and it goes on so much better!

I also recently bought the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. The foundation and concealer came out at the same time a long time ago and for a while I feel like nobody really took any notice of the concealer but It has really caught the spotlight lately and I can understand why! It completely brightens up your look and makes you look so fresh and glowy! I sometimes do my makeup and don’t use this and when I look in the mirror I am like ugh no something just doesnt look right and It is because I haven’t used the concealer!

The past few months my skin has been driving me insane! I would wake up in the morning and just have flaky skin all over my face and I tried so many home made masks and nothing worked so I just went and I bought a moisturizer for dry skin. I have always loved Garnier face products they just work wonders on me so I went and got the Garnier Essentials Hydrating Day Care for Dry skin and It has changed my skin. I no longer wake up with flaky skin and what I really love about this is that it sinks into my skin so fast. I don’t have to wait 10 minutes to do my makeup after I have washed my face which is always an added bonus!

I think my favorite of my favorites is my Garnier Cleansing Milk for dry skin. As i mentioned above my skin was completely dried out so i picked up this product and for a strange reason I don’t know why because I tend to skip the whole cleansing and toning step. One night I decided to try this cleanser for taking off my makeup and since then i have never turned back.It is FANTASTIC. I am the queen of laziness when it comes to a skin care routine and this is my king product!. I simply wash my hands dry them off squirt some of this onto my hands and i rub it in all over my face. I scrub my eyebrows and i gently in circular motions wipe off my eye makeup and it takes every single drop off. If i do have heavier eye makeup on i will just quickly run over it with the Garnier Micellar Water but not always. For anybody who wants a product to take off their makeup but also cleanse your skin I would highly recommend this cleanser and it also smells great!

My cuticles and heels have always been dry so seeing as I was on a dry skin spree I picked up the Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula and holy mother this smells so amazing I cant even begin to describe it. It smells like all Palmers products so for any of you who have tried them you know what I am talking about! I pop this on my feet and fingers right before I jump into bed and I no longer suffer from dry hard skin in those areas. I wouldn’t recommend this as an all over body moisturizer because It is quite thick and it takes a very long time to dry in!

For my all over body cream I have been reaching for my Dove Purely Pamerping Nourishing Lotion with almond cream and hibiscus. Yet another product that smells like you want to eat it. I had this in a shower gel around Christmas time so when I seen the body lotion i popped it in my basket immediately! Unlike the Palmers it dries in so fast but it still leaves my skin feeling soft and smelling sooo tasty!

I have also been loving my Garnier Ultimate Blends The sleek Perfector oil. I have the coconut oil one and it smells absolutely  divine!. I put this in my hair after I have taken out the wetness out of it with the hairdryer and It gives me an amazing shine my hair smells amazing and it doesn’t make me look like I have dried up ends which I do have.

(I think It is now obvious that the smell of products could be what draws me in!)

On the non beauty side of things I have been addicted to Gilmore Girls. I have been powering through it I am just starting season 4 now and considering an episode is 45 minutes long I think I have been doing pretty good for myself.

I have also been loving Game of Thrones which is obvious. Funnily enough I really wasn’t a fan of this show when it started but since moving in with my sister who loves that kind of show I really started to love it because of some of the characters in it. I must say my favorites are Jon Snow and Theon Greyjoy/Reek I do also think that Tyrion adds a little bit of humor to the show!

I recently bought myself a pair of Nike Roche Runs and they have barely come off of my feet! They are so light it really doesn’t feel like I have any shoes on. They also give me a little boost in height which for me is always an added bonus!

I actually graduated a month ago which is so amazing!

I do think that Is almost everything that has put a smile on my face this month. I haven’t watched any movies so I don’t really have any of those to mention!



Hey guys!

It has been so so long since I last thought about my blog not to mind actually writing a blog post. I thought about deleting my blog for a while but I honestly just kind of forgot about that!

A lot has happened since my last blog post

  1. I turned 18.
  2. I discovered a lot of new products that I am dying to talk about!
  3. I finished school FOREVAH!
  4. I actually missed blogging!

So I am going to try to post as often as I can now because I missed blogging so much. I would be doing my make up and thinking I love this product so much I should do a blog post on it but because I was in the middle of my leaving cert I would just ignore my thought because I knew at that point my blog needed A LOT  of work and I knew If I started on it I would never leave it alone but now I am back and I really want to start throwing out some new content! I hope ypu are excited to read about what I have coming up and you will stay tuned to see !

Adios amigos


March Faves!

Hey Guys!

So as the months go forward easing into summer and it gets closer to my birthday I notice that my mood picks up and I get A LOT happier and more enthusiastic about so much more which is why I have a lot of favorites for this month

I only have a few beauty favourites because I didn’t really branch out when it came to makeup this month

The first makeup product is my Hoola bronzer. I have been using this for a while and I have loved it since the start but I find that bronzer just looks so beautiful in the spring because It just brightens the face and makes you looked sun-kissed without needing the sun!

The next is my Rimmel Brow this way eyebrow gel. It comes in three shades but I have 003 dark brown because obviously..I have very dark eyebrows but they’re not black. I love this because the brush is so dainty that it fits my eye brows and also because the brush is quite small you don’t get a huge blob of product when you take it out. I have been really loving this product this month!

There is also this perfume called ‘One 2 be’ and I wont lie..this is from Aldi. I bought this a while ago now maybe just after Christmas and I have been wearing it loads. It cost me €4. This is actually a spray that can be used by both men and women. It has the deepness for a man but it is also quite fresh too which makes it unisex. It doesn’t last very long so I do have to spritz myself a couple of times a day but it doesn’t bother me because it was so cheap!

The last beauty listed product is the Garnier Sleek Perfecting Oil. This is by far my favourite product of all. I heard about this from Gabriella who is Velvetgh0st on Youtube and she had been raving about this product for a very long time. I had been kind of skeptical about it for a while because here in Ireland it is about €10 and I was unsure if I could spend the money if I wasn’t going to like it basically I didn’t want to spend a tenner on an oil that was going to add more grease to my already oily hair but I seen that it was on sale for €5 in boots I had to buy it and boy am I happy I did! I would gladly spend the €10 on it now because It is so amazing.It makes my hair soft and shiny and it makes it smell amazing but I will go into more detail in an upcoming hair care post!

Onto the more random obsessions for this month the first thing Is this bed spread that I also bought in Aldi. I had been looking for a duvet cover that was bright cheap and would add a pop of vibrance to my room and I found it waiting for me 5 mins down the road from my house! I am in love with it!

( p.s I did get this picture off of Google images this is not my bed)

I have also liked some TV shows. I am like a broken record when it comes to Revenge! My sister had been telling me for so long to start watching and I was just like ugh no it doesn’t look that good but when it came to Sky On Demand I jumped at the chance to watch it! I am now onto the start of season 4 so I will be up to date with it in the coming weeks which is verrry exciting. Ugh just thinking about Jack Porter…NOM NOM NOM

I have also really liked season 2 of The 100. I have watched this since the beginning and I must say it is most definitely in my top 5 favourite Tv shows. Season 2 made me laugh cry scream and hide but I am not going to complain because I LOVED every minute of it!

My favourite non favourite of the month is running! I have mentioned before that I had been exercising a lot but this month and maybe through the end of February my friend and I have started running and I am loving it. I love the way I feel when i run I really don’t know how to describe it but I am loving it! I love the way I feel when I run and I love the way I feel after I run too!

The last thing that I want to talk about is this lil phone speaker that I bought just last week but I have used it every single day and it is so loud and so cute. I have wanted one of these for a very long time and they had them in the shop across the road from my house so I snatched it up! I have not stopped using it and now I have something that I can use for my iPod without needing a docking station!

I have been in ‘Spring Fever’ mode since the weather got that little bit warmer and I could take the fluffy blankets off of my bed!

Have you guys been in the spring fever mood?

Lots of Love

Eirinn xxx


Hey guys!

It has honestly been so so long that I dont remember when my last blog post went out! I have been ridiculously busy with school and last week I got very sick which I think was a hint from my body telling me to calm down and take a breath. I have been so so so run down I was getting up at 7 every morning and going to bed at 11 so not only was I in school and excersing I wasnt getting enough sleep I was completley out of order and I have decided that I need to get my s**t together. BUT I am not going to stop exercising I have found great comfort in getting all of those angry thoughts out of my body with running!

So. I have gotten my swing back with my blog I have dedicated today( Saturday 28/03/150 to my blog. If i get 1 post finished or if I get 10 completed today is blog day and I am giving my blog so much more attention now. It is my goal for April to get this baby up and running again and maybe get some new readers in hopefully!

I have still been using my Twitter and Instagram so if you want to see what I have been up to go check those out! >>>>

Lots of love,

Eirinn xxx