My Holy Grail Makeup Remover!

I have blabbing on and on about the Garnier softening cleansing lotion here for so long and funnily enough almost a year into having the blog and owning the cleanser I am only writing up the post now.When it came to writing it there was a little itch in the back of my mind telling me not to do it because I am not an expert.In anything. My opinion is so irrelevant compared to the zillions of people out there that are actually beauty experts.In saying that I did really want to write something on the cleanser because I really do love it so.. I decided that I would change it up a little and not do a review.Instead, this his is going to be based on my experience with the product and that’s it.I don’t really know what you would categorize that as but anyway let’s fly on!

I picked it up about.. I actually think it was about a year ago and I’m kind of shocked but I’m pretty sure I started using this one night after I came home from a run/walk. I decided I would slop it on my face to see what the hype was with using a cleanser as a makeup remover. Well I joined that band wagon that night. It actually changed my life and I am not over-exaggerating. The way I take of my skin went from a baby wipe to a whole routine.
I put about a chocolate button sized blob onto my fingers and rub it all over my face.
After using it 2-3 times I noticed that some of my mascara would go into my eyes and one of my pet peeves is having stuff in my eyes. I don’t actually know why it happened but when that happened a few times I decided that I would use a makeup wipe on my eyes to remove my mascara and eyeliner before going in with the cleanser. After covering every inch of my face with the cleanser I take a luke-warm face cloth and wipe it all of and there in no trace of makeup left on my face. I have gone back in with micellar water and a cotton pad so many times just to check and every time it comes out clean. IT’S AMAZING.

I know there are thousands of cleansers out there. Some work better than mine some are not as good as mine but I am so contempt in using this cleanser I really don’t think I will ever veer away from Garnier cleansers. I paid less than €4 for this and a packet of wipes costs about €1.50. I know that wipes are SO convenient but I have trained myself now to just go into that bathroom and take it all off in one go.Using the cleanser takes me 90 seconds MAX!

My dry skin has kind of gone away(forever hopefully) but I do still use the cleanser. My skin hasnt become irritated which is great!

The creamy texture of the cleanser wipes away all makeup but it is still so gentle on the face -perfect for dry and sensitive skin.

This is my favourite face product that I own. Its quick and it does what it says it is supposed to do. I can’t imagine going back to using wipes as my number one makeup remover because they take triple the time to use.Plus, if I want to be the old lady with fantastic skin wipes are the last thing I will use

The texture of the cream is light weight and thin. It wont leave a thick heavy layer on your skin making it feel just as gunky as before.

I love this cleanser so much which is quick obvious from the post but I would really recommend a cleanser to people who are using wipes or just anyone really.They are actually fantastic!



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