A Favourite:App

Today I wanted to talk about an app that I LOVE and that has become very popular over the past year or two. Pinterest. I came across the app when it was mentioned in a’Whats on my iPhone’  video and I have been obsessed with it ever since. There is certainly something on there for everyone be it food,home decor,tattoos,gardening you name it and Pinterest has got it! I am gonna run through some of the reasons that I love it!

  • Its free- always an advantage when looking for your next favourite app perfect for If it doesn’t work out between you two!
  • I always say that It’s great for when I’m bored but its funny because I never actually feel bored because I just jump onto Pinterest so I don’t actually hit boredom I am just looking for something to do you could say.
  • I think Pinterest is most popular for the Wedding side of the app because there is so much inspiration on there and it’s almost like the app lights a fire inside you and you just feel this wave of ideas come over you and your brain is going 500 mph! My sisters friend was actually getting married last summer and she said that she got so many ideas just from using Pinterest that she had actually never seen before!
  • My favourite thing about the app is the infinite amount of recipes on there! It’s great to pop on there if you want to make a snack and you are in the mood for chicken you just hit search and everything you could ever think of adding chicken to is right there its amazing. I am a bakeaholic so if I am ever in the mood to try something new I just head onto Pinterest and I have a bazillions different ideas in front of me (even though I always end up making brownies but that’s never a bad thing!0
  • Pinterest kills me sometimes though. I am so stuffed with Wanderlust I sometimes have to exit the app because I can’t manage to look at all of those beautiful coasts and mountains that I am jealous of people who have the freedom to see all of those amazing places whenever they want! My board that is the fullest is my Wanderlust bored and it is also more than likely my favourite!
  • I find that Pinterest is much better than searching google images. For my Debs/Prom I actually only used Pinterest to find the makeup and hair looks that I wanted. By using Pinterest I could again just search Debs Hair and it gives me a lot more tags to add onto my search to narrow it down and eventually you will have narrowed it down to the look that you didn’t even know you were looking for!

What is your favourite part of Pinterest?

If you decide to give it a go don’t forget to have a peep at a few of my boards too!



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