Recent Purchases.

So over the last few weeks I have actually accumulated quite a lot of beauty bits.From popping into the chemist I have picked up a good few bits.


I picked up a new moisturizer for myself. I had the Garnier fresh essential for dry skin but my dryness has disappeared thankfully so I just got the dry to combination skin and so far I am liking it. I do still use my dry skin one 1-2 times a week because I do not want the dry skin to make a comeback!

I also got a new cleanser which pretty much has the same story as my moisturizer.I got the Fresh Cleansing Lotion. I got the one for normal skin but I am finishing out my dry skin one. I really am going to miss the smell of that cherry tree! Haven’t obviously started using it yet though!

I got the Nivea Facial Cleansing wipes don’t really have much to say about those but they are handy to have when I’m not wearing any makeup and I just want to clean my face before bed if I am having a lazy night!

On the boring side I picked yup some of the PS Love Oval Cosmetic Pads from Pennies. My only reason for picking this up is that I like to take my eye makeup off with my micellar water because the cleanser just puts all my mascara in my eyes and it really bugs me A LOT! So yes not too exciting cotton pads but they are an essential!


I actually went all out and I got a hair mask for myself. I had never heard of the brand before ‘OZ Botanics Major Moisture Deep Conditioner’ It smells fantastic. Usually when I want to ‘deep treat’ my hair I just use coconut oil but I just said I would try out an actual hair mask and it was only like 2€ so if It doesn’t work out I wont have a huge loss!

I got some more of the Johnson’s Baby Spray Conditioner Spray. This stuff is my holy grail! I actually couldn’t do anything to my hair without it. I spray it all over my hair before&after a shower and brush it out and there is not one knot in my hair. I LOVE IT!

Also I threw the Creightons Frizz No More Instant Curl Revitalizing spray into my basket. Wow that really is a mouthful! I used this just while ago and I LOVE it. I have naturally curly hair but it just enhanced the curls!


Very exciting but I picked up another bottle of my favourite deodorant which is pretty much all of the Sanex brand. At this very moment the only one that I am missing from my collection of the large bottles is the pink one. I got the sensitive skin one but funnily enough I don’t actually have sensitive skin so I don’t know why I needed the deodorant..


I picked up a good few new nail polishes because they are my addiction!I love the essence ones they are so cheap but they work so well. Better than the Rimmel ones in my opinion!

I got 2 gel polishes in 46 Black is Back and 09 #lucky.I also got 2 I love trends The first is called Sunny London and the second is Red I Am

Black Is Back                                                                             #Lucky

Sunny London                           Red I Am


I picked up a new lip-liner from essence which is  long-lasting lip-liner in 04 Peach Beauty and I really like it.

I also grabbed a new lip balm because I wanted to have a little change from my Carmex. I got a Blistex stick in Orange Mango Blast. I am obsessed with the smell but I does leave a kind of layer around the outside of my lips but that’s ok with me!

After using the Mango blast for a few days I actually didn’t really like the way it felt on my lips. It left a heavy line of residue I guess around the outline of my lips.I may just be applying to much but just so I could spend some more money I went out and picked up the Blistex happy lips in the Strawberry flavour and I’m lovin it!I have used it a few times now and it hasn’t left me with the residue as the Mango one left me with which makes me a happy camper!



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