A Life Update

I don’t really remember when last I actually did one of these but I feel like it was the start of July. So I shall go from there.

In July I was house sitting for two weeks and It was actually really nice to have that time to myself I actually really enjoyed it but I still don’t think I would like to live on my own mainly because sometime I found that I was talking to myself. Maybe if I had a dog? On the 25th of July I went to see Ed Sheeran in Dublin with my 2 best friends and it was amazing. We spent the night there and we went shopping on the Sunday and it was actually amazing. I loved Dublin I loved the rush and all the people around doing completely different things but I don’t know if I could live there. Being used to such a small town which like 10 people never really having to wait in line in the supermarket I really don’t know!

On the 19th of July I had my debs and it was another amazing night! seeing everyone all dolled up in their suits and amazing gowns everyone looked so out of this world. It was so nice to see everyone completely out of their comfort zone. It was the last night that we would all be together as our class of 2015. As I write this I’m getting a little bit emotional. Thinking that I grew up with all of those amazing people around me, the people who molded me into the person that I am today. So many of them don’t know how much I owe them and they more than likely never will. On the 12th of August we all received our leaving cert results and we headed out for the night. I really don’t think that the thought of the future had really hit any of us because we were going out but then offers to college came out on the following Monday the 17th. That was a pretty shitty day for me.

For months I had been debating on whether or not I would go to college or not and on the day that we received our results I was so calm and all of my friends were so nervous. It didn’t really hit me for a while that the reason that I wasn’t nervous was because my future wasn’t on the line, I wasn’t hoping for so many points like everyone else was. On that Monday I decided that I wasnt going to go to college. I thought that I would feel worse about my decision but I actually feel so refreshed about it I actually feel like a weight has been taken off of my shoulders. People look forward to going to college when they have their dream job chosen and that wasn’t me. I still don’t know what I want to do career wise but I am very very excited to encounter what the future holds for me. Maybe next year I will decide to go to college I don’t know. Now all of my best friends are packing up their lives here and itching to begin the next chapter of their lives with thousands of other people who are going through the same thing. It is so upsetting to see them all leave but I am way more happy than I am sad. I know we will all remain friends and I am so excited for all of them

. My sister is expecting to have a baby in October and I am so super excited. It is so strange to think that in this house there is 5 people and not 4 it is so strange. I hope to be the best aunt that little baby could ask for even  though I am already Marcus’ fave! A few friends and I have also decided that we are going to go to Mumford and Sons in December which I am so so so excited about because I love them A LOT! That is also giving me something to look forward to! I am also very excited about this blog. Since I changed my perspective on blogging and what content I want to share I have become SO much more enthusiastic about the blog.


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